neck_painNeck pain, like back pain, is very common with many people suffering one or more episodes throughout their life time.

Neck pain is often associated with other symptoms such as arm pain or headaches. The pain experienced can often be gradual or may start following trauma, such as a road traffic collision. Poor posture and work stations are often attributable to the symptoms described above.

Neck pain can be very uncomfortable as the tissues and structures of the neck are very susceptible to pain and pain ca often be felt on one or both sides of the neck, in the base of the skull and into the shoulders. It can be a sharp or dull pain and can spread as far as the arm and hand, even into the fingers.

Like back pain, neck pain can also be classified as ‘simple’ or ‘mechanical’ in origin. This means the pain isn’t related to any serous underlying issues and there are no trapped nerves of prolapsed discs. This sort of pain often involves the joints, muscles and ligaments causing strain in the soft tissues of the neck.

Less frequently, the nerves in the neck can become trapped, compressed or irritated leading to pain spreading to the shoulder and arm. This can be accompanied by pins and needles, tingling, numbness and weakness in all or part of the arm affected.

Chiropractors will often use manual adjustments, sometimes mechanical adjustment tools such as the Activator, to free restricted joints, or mobilisation techniques, which is the gradual moving of joints. When the joints of the spine are unrestricted the muscles attaching to them will often relax, reducing muscle tension and helping reduce symptoms of neck pain.

Other techniques including acupuncture/dry needling, electrotherapy, stretching and strengthening exercises, nutritional support and rehabilitation will often be given by the chiropractor as part of your treatment plan.

Before beginning any treatment for neck pain a full case history, assessment, medical history and physical examination will be undertaken. It may sometimes be necessary to refer you for other tests such as an x-ray or MRI, scans or blood tests before treatment is carried out. (BCA)

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