Sports injuries are extremely common and concerning for athletes of all abilities. The range of injuries sustained during sport is numerous and can include strains, sprains, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, bursitis, and tendinitis to name a few.

A sports injury can be local, at the area of pain or more distant at the level of the spine, or a combination of the two. It can be caused by direct trauma, or often it can be caused by repetitive micro trauma to discs, ligaments, muscle fibres, tendons….

This can be caused by numerous things including poor posture, biomechanical dysfunction, poor technique, weakness, poor proprioception and failure to correctly warm up and down before and after exercise. This leaves the body less able to respond to an external force and more vulnerable to injury.

When assessing any injury it is imperative to examine the whole locomotor chain of the body to identify dysfunction and not just the area of concern, as dysfunction in one area of the body can have a widespread affect throughout the body. An example could be if a person suffered a problem with an ankle joint and if left untreated can eventually start having a negative impact on other areas of the body including knee, hip, back and neck. This is due to compensatory changes being made throughout the locomotor chain due to this area of dysfunction.

Treating sports injuries therefore requires examination of all potentially dysfunctional areas of the body. It can also depend on the extent of injury or trauma received and where necessary referral will always be made to the appropriate specialist when further investigations are considered necessary.

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